Around Soddenham

WITH ALWYN GAZE It has often been commented upon that I spend a lot of my time walking¬†in and around the village over the years, without route nor destination, and that I must know every inch of every mile!¬†That well may be, but as I walk amongst our lanes and through our pastures I am … More Around Soddenham


The church is still temporarily closed and services have been running on a much reduced frequency, duration and regularity. The new incumbent Rev. Driftwood has been organising fundraising groups and almost every business in the village has a collection jar on the counter, of which he is assiduously collecting the contents daily, as well as … More Fundraising

The New Incumbent

Our new vicar, The Reverend Otis Driftwood arrived in Soddenham last week without much fanfare it has to be said, as we had not been informed of his arrival. Indeed, It was only after several hours in The Witches Teat did Mr. Driftwood introduce himself formally. After some initial confusion, Mr. Driftwood was offered temporary … More The New Incumbent

A Tragedy

Soddenham has been offline it would seem; and this is not without reason. It is with great sadness that I inform you that a great tragedy has befallen the village and it has taken its toll upon our small community. Our intention to resume our online presence at the beginning of the year was put … More A Tragedy