Soddenham Launderette

To keep looking your best in Soddenham, you’ll need to drop by the launderette sometime! The Soddenham Laundrette was opened in 1967 on Main Street amidst a fanfare from the Soddenham and District Brass Band (now defunct) and a visit from the Lord Mayor of Swaffham Francis Bilgewater, whose wife Daphne brought a large bag … More Soddenham Launderette

Back in the saddle

It has been established on numerous occasions on this website that Soddenham is bestowed with a rich and varied folklore that touches on most areas of village life, the land, its history and misfortune. The trees shown here are all part of a natural boundary that runs down Murrows Drift from School Lane and almost … More Back in the saddle


It is well noted that Soddenham is subject to its own unique micro-climate. Indeed, it is the characteristic dampness of the area that gave rise to the proliferation of the lichen industry so that our glorious coastline should be garlanded in luxurious spume. However, the weather can also be a fickle and cruel mistress for … More Weasels

Pilcher and Maladine

The Maladine family have been involved in the buying and selling of land and property since 1785 when Meredith Maladine began brokering deals for George Murrow following the now infamous ‘Memmett Proposal’ of 1783, in order to buy the Mulgrew lands against Earnest Mulgrew’s wishes. Fast forward to 1978 and a young Gideon Maladine established his first … More Pilcher and Maladine

Around Soddenham

WITH ALWYN GAZE It has often been commented upon that I spend a lot of my time walking in and around the village over the years, without route nor destination, and that I must know every inch of every mile! That well may be, but as I walk amongst our lanes and through our pastures I am … More Around Soddenham