Our Local Pub

soddenham-witches-teat soddenham-tooleysAt The Witches Teat you will find a lukewarm welcome from your hosts, Bernie and Madge Tooley; Landlord and Landlady of our village local for almost 27 years. Seated in a snug banquette in one of the two bay windows or standing amongst the locals at the bar, the opportunity awaits to purchase a limited selection of alcoholic beverages as well as traditional pub snacks such as crisps and peanuts! (new for 2014 – dry roasted nuts!) The Teat as it is known locally, is more often than not the centre of village life, and plays host to many village events throughout the year. As well as the traditional pub activities as pool, darts and cribbage, The Teat also holds a weekly quiz, presided over by local sage Anmer Pardow, where a crate of Brew is up for grabs for the team with the highest score! soddenham brew label The Brew in questions is none other than Witches Brew, brewed locally by Bernie himself based upon a recipe he found taped to the bottom of an old barrel in the cellar. Usually sold by the bottle, The Teat always brews a special batch to have on tap for special occasions. SODDENHAM-BREW-1


4 thoughts on “Our Local Pub

  1. The Teat sounds like a splendid hostelry for a pint or three of Witches Brew of an evening, although at 6.3 ABV I wouldn’t be drinking too much more!

  2. Indeed. The Brew should be approached with caution because of its strength, but it can also bring about hallucinatory experiences amongst those who are unfamiliar with it (i.e. outsiders) so there is a disclaimer printed on the reverse of the label that reads:

    “In purchasing this alcoholic beverage you will have already been advised against it, as is the policy of The Witches Teat public house, it’s proprietors and employees. By insisting upon the purchase you will have understood that the consuming of this beverage will affect your statutary rights to take action in response to whatever reaction you (or your immediate decendants) may suffer from. By drinking this beverage, you accept that the Witches Teat public house, its proprietors and employees are free from any personal liability for anything untoward that occurs within 36 hours of initial consumption.”

    Please drink responsibly.

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