The Village Green


At the heart of every village is its green, and Soddenham is no different in this respect. The green is a pleasant space to enjoy the fresh air and plays host to many village events throughout the year, and is the home of the local sport ‘cricketball’ which has been played here every summer since its inception in 1933. This complex and unique game of strategy is played by three teams of four, all smartly attired in identical crisp, pressed whites, with each player designated a distinct role in the game.

An early record of Cricketball from the Anglian Cricketball Committee archive

The rules are somewhat complex, but involve all three teams trying to kick a single, lead-filled cricket ball into a single football net, whilst attempting to distract and demoralise each other in a variety of cunning ways. Very much a spectator sport (invented in response to the dullness of regular cricket) tens of people congregate around the green on match days. It has been speculated upon that J.K. Rowling hatched her idea for ‘Quiddich’ from the game, as it is thought that she may have visited the area as a child.

The Cricketball Season for 2014 has already begun, so put these dates in your diaries!

The green is also the setting for the start of the ‘Oppen Eve’ festivities (featured separately) and other local events, each requiring a specific decorations and constructions, which makes it an ever-changing scene throughout the year.


5 thoughts on “The Village Green

  1. I’m looking forward to the first game of the season already Mr Taret, I shall be rooting for The Witchfinders as I always do. Pity about their poor showing last year but I’m sure the reinvigorated lineup will breathe new life into their game. Come on ye Witchfinders!

  2. Yes, The Witchfinders didn’t live up to their pre-season hype. I have a sneaking suspicion that the ‘Finders’ will be more competitive this year, but my money is on The Lollards given the resounding drubbing they have metered out these last few seasons. I hope to get a few matches reported on so that I can post them here too, to share the excitement of match day with the world! See you on the green!

  3. I been a loyal Finders man ever since I was at school. I’ve seen them through the bad times and celebrated their very best. Unsubscriber is right, last season wasn’t their best but it was always going to be difficult for anyone to fill the shoes of Barrett Tatley. I think the team looks far more solid this year and I think they will surprise a few people. I don’t think they will be troubled by the Lollards. Their game is becoming predictable. I think its the Mules who they need to watch out for. Game on… Regards, Mr Pickard

    1. Your prediction that the Mules were the ones to watch we’re spot on, Mr. Pickard! Let’s hope that the Finders can ‘up their game’ in the next few matches – this May well be a classic season! Hope to see you on the green at some point.

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