Soddenham’s Got Talent!

Oh yes, you heard it here first! Local Soddenham trio release album to critical acclaim!

Many of you will know that those strange sounds coming from Murrows Mill on Monday nights were not the sound of the brutal flaying of several constipated wildebeest, but the result of the coming together of three local lads in their shared love of music.


The boys call themselves Sandalmans Tabernacle, but we know them as the Smeckler twins, Simon and Shaun, best known for their prompt service in the chippy, along with Malachi Twemlow, one of Alfred Drewerys assistants in the turpentine emporium. Unconventionally, the twins both play the bass guitar, with Malachi playing a variety of medieval percussion instruments and pipes, for a sound of their own that they call ‘doom/folk’ – what will they think of next?


The combo have appointed Unwin S. Schreiber as their manager who says of them “oh yes, they are really, really quite… er, special. Now I don’t want to get all gushing and make wild claims to their possible success, but they are likely to be bigger than The Beatles…”

Unwin also confirmed that the band will be playing numbers from their upcoming album “The Antimacassar Chronicles” (official release date 30th June) at the live music concert at Murrow’s Mill following the summer fete on 16th August and supported by local close harmony barbershop boys “The Thermostat Four” This is a ticket only event for over 18’s only. Copies of the Sandalmans Tabernacle cassette album will also be on sale.


The album has been sent to a number of influential music critics, one of which wrote “thank you for the tape, but please pay the correct postage next time” and another even wrote a full review. You can read it here.


You can now purchase Sandalmans Tabernacle T-shirts here – buy one and show your support for the lads – lets put Soddenham on the musical map!


3 thoughts on “Soddenham’s Got Talent!

  1. Loving the tape Les, please thank Unwin for the package. I’ve ordered a couple of T shirts too which I’ll feature on the blog once they arrive. Hope to be down for a visit in time for the summer fete, can’t wait to hear these tracks played live and chat to the boys afterwards.

  2. Great work on the review, glad you liked it! We’re all getting down to the Sandalmans Tabernacle here in the village! It’s a bit like beatlemania…

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