Cricketball Scoreboard July 2014


The Mules take an early lead this year, in what promises to be a cracking season! After a first match failure, the Witchfinders regained some form to score first and hold out over the Lollards, who looked a bit shaken by Palmer’s early show of determination. Bannerman’s amazing new moves caused quite a stir as he employed what is now known as ‘The Michael Jackson’ in both bluff and counter swing formations, ensuring Murrows Mules position at the top of the scoreboard for the second match running! After the game, Bannerman’s moves were registered with the Anglian Cricketball Committee for inclusion within the general gameplay handbook and have since been accepted!

Next game on 12 July – be there or be perpendicular…


2 thoughts on “Cricketball Scoreboard July 2014

  1. My money’s still on The Witchfinders, it’s going to be a cracking season. Come on you ‘Finders!

    1. It’s still early days and anything can happen – remember 1972? The Lollards lost the first four games by some margin but went on to win the cup by a furlong! I think we’re in for a good one…

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