Smeckler’s Chippy


There’s always a smile on Alan Smecklers’ face when anyone pops into his chippy. Many think that this is down to the palsy he suffered from as a child, but the answer is much less morbid –  “We get everyone in here at some time or another, so it pays to be polite and friendly” says Alan when asked about the success of the chip shop that bears his name, “but you have to innovate too” he adds with a touch of pride, “and don’t change either; people don’t like too much change.” Wise words. Wise and contradictory words indeed.

The people of Soddenham have enjoyed eating Smecklers’ fish’n’chip suppers for over 25 years, and they have a reputation for freshness and quality, along with the polite and courteous service from Alan, Pat, Wendy and Joyce, along with sons Simon and Shaun (they of the up-and coming trio Sandalmans Tabernacle) whenever anyone steps into their Sodden Road shop opposite the green.

One thing Smecklers is famous for is its krill fritters. Originally launched in the late 1950’s and re-branded in the late 1980’s, krill fritters were seen as the saviour of the declining Atlantic Cod stock and widely touted as the next big health craze. Remember the advertising campaign that ran from 1987 to 89? “When you’re hungry or feeling ill, fill up your blow hole with some tasty Krill!” Sung by the guy who played Harold Bishop in Neighbours? Happy days.


The craze never took off nationally, but here in Soddenham, the people loved them! When it became difficult for Alan to buy new batches of of these tasty seafood treats, he went and bought the sole rights to manufacture and sell them! Nowadays, Smecklers Krill Fritters™ are all made daily by hand on the premises on Sodden Road, and their distinctive aroma gently drifts around the village lanes from Wednesday to Saturday.

Opening Hours:

Wed – Fri: 12 am until 3pm and 5pm until 11.30pm
Saturdays 12am until 12pm


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