The Village Post Office

If the green is at the heart of village life, then the post office has to be the pancreas, or possibly the spleen, providing important and valuable services to allow the village to function  smoothly and healthily.

Betty Thule

Betty Thule has been Post Mistress for 14 years since taking over from her late husband in 2000. She and and her only son Barry handle all the village mail and provide a local delivery service for all the businesses on Main Street and Sodden Road. During the day, Barry can be spotted around the village on his traditional bicycle and his basket full of packets and parcels from the post office, as well as Taret’s, Drewery’s, and Hooper’s!

Like many small businesses trying to prosper in the village, the post office also doubles up as the village betting shop! Betty takes bets on all major sporting events, as well as regional and local competitions and takes pride in offering favourable odds on unusual or personal wagers! You can also buy your stamps and collect your pension at the same time!

Barry Thule
Barry Thule

Barry is the  youngest member of the Soddenham Cartographical Society and Kickboxing Club, and is responsible for all of the maps published on this site so far!  He is also active in the community too, and hosts a bi-monthy bingo afternoon at the Witches Teat and has been a regular volunteer at the Oppen Eve festivities for several years.

The post office also acts as the unofficial ‘Lost and Found’ centre for the village, where Betty does here best to track down the owners of lost prosthetics, sweets and gloves.



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