Mid Season Scores


A surprise result this week,  following the promising return to form of the Witchfinders a fortnight ago. Neither they, nor the Lollards, had any answer to the Mules relentless advances, which employed complex combinations of moves not seen since the likes of Trudgeon, Wilkes et al in 1990. Most notable was a very confident reverse underturn in the semi-closed position at the 22nd minute by Malcolm Stringer, that left both opposing teams without a single response.

So at the half way point in the season, Murrows Mules have a commanding lead of 87 points, and both The Lollards and The Witchfinders bring up the rear with 49 points each. This has been a very exciting season so far, with the resurgence of the Mules, who must be feeling pretty confident after 6 years without a trophy, the adoption of Bannerman’s new move ‘the Michael Jackson’ into the official rules, and a team performance on Saturday that was as beautiful as it was savage. With every match played in full sunshine (the first time since 2008!) and record numbers turning out to cheer their chosen teams, this years cricketball season is becoming the defining thread to the summer.

This will be a season that will be referred to for years to come, I’ll wager. Betty Thule has an interesting set of combinations on the season and a range of very enticing odds right now, all of which can be fixed for the remainder of this month – don’t miss out, as anything can happen!

Here comes August, see you on the green!


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