Soddenham Cricketball 2014


With only one game left this season, it is quite clear to see where the trophy is heading,  as the Mules have scored an unbeatable 153 points – their highest ever score and their first win since 1989!

Bannerman can also afford to lie down on the job!

A long way back are the Witchfinders and the Lollards with 83 and 77 respectively. As the title is already spoken for, the final game is all about not coming last. Whilst the Mules have been in a class on their own this year (except for a ‘wrong ‘un’ in mid-July!) the two other teams have been duking it out and kept each other respectable throughout.

There’ll be a special post after the season celebrations and prize-giving, and look out for more Twitter activity on the big day!


2 thoughts on “Soddenham Cricketball 2014

  1. Well, I had a tenner on the Withfinders but The Mules have been nothing short of a force of cricketball nature this year! Good times for the sport in general I think. I guess there’ll be plenty of celebratory and commiserative pints supped across at the teat as always.

  2. Oh yes, this will be a season that will be recalled for years to come, spoken about with reverence and fondness by those who were there, and with awe and respect by all who follow. This may not have any world significance, but it sure as Saville matters around here. Word.

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