Archeology fever!

An artists impression of what it would be like if TV’s Tony ‘Baldrick’ Robertson and that other one off Time Team came and did a special programme at the mound.

Recently discovered in the corner of the old Mulgrew field next to the lichen orchard is a large  earthen mound, currently assumed to be a Saxon burial mound, or barrow.  The discovery was made by Unwin S. Schreiber, the local literary luminary and raconteur, whilst taking his evening constitutional around the village at the end of August.  The Soddenham Archeology Society was set up and immediately merged with the Sucrologists Club, as most of the proposed were already members  in that esteemed organisation.  The Soddenham Archeologists and Sucrologists were formed and a map was commissioned to document this new find.

The Soddenham Archeologists and Sucrologists (SAS) contacted the the University of East Angular (UEA) in order to initiate some sort of  formal procedure and were asked to send photographs and measurements. Professor Richard Parsley of the Department of Archeology came to visit the site several days later with a team of researchers from the university. After spending several minutes at the site, Prof. Parsley met with with members of SAS and other interested people who had turned out, and had these words:

uea“After a preliminary visual observation we can definitely confirm this is a mound. Of what sort it is too early to tell; this will take a great deal of painstaking research using the latest modern geophysics technology as well as some good old fashioned hands on archaeology with little trowels and brushes and everything.”

“It may be some time before we really know the precise nature of this mound – this is not like TV’s ‘Time Team’ where everything happens in a neat one hour long programme, but we will employ all of our expertise and academic rigour to this investigation and make our findings public in due course. Meanwhile, I would like to ask the local community for their patience and co-operation and we will try to make our activities as intrusive as possible.”

The area around the mound has now been fenced off and a marquee is to be erected to protect the site from the weather during the investigation. As soon as we know anything, we’ll let you know…

Could this be how our Saxon ancestors looked?



2 thoughts on “Archeology fever!

  1. Baldrick? Tiny trowels and brushes? Saxons? Well, blimey!! Maybe Les should be putting in that call to Time Team after all, this is one of the most exciting things to have happened in Soddenham since the great lichen riots of ’62! Can’t wait for more news.

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