Digging for Clues!


Following the discovery of a large earthen mound in the corner of the old Mulgrew field at the end of August, much fevered archaeological activity has been occurring around the village.

The mound, currentlueay assumed to be a Saxon burial mound, or barrow was discovered by Unwin S. Schreiber, the local literary luminary and raconteur, and brought about the formation of  The Soddenham Archeology Society (immediately merged with the Sucrologists Club, as most of the proposed were already members  in that esteemed organisation.)  The Soddenham Archeologists and Sucrologists (SAS) first contacted the the University of East Angular (UEA) and Professor Richard Parsley of the Department of Archeology immediately set up  a task force to investigate.

This all sounds pretty well organised so far, but there has been much discord amongst our learned throng. The SAS have so far been disappointed by the lack of apparent progress (or the lack of information about the progress made) by the UEA, who have only released this image of a geophysical scan of the area, but have yet to provide any commentary on what it reveals.

The unidentified Geophysics scan that has been remarked to look similar to Anmer’s leg rash last year.

The SAS have made several requests for a trench to be dug – as that is what they do on Time Team, and several people have offered the use of their diggers, but so far, the only response from the UEA is the erection of sturdier security fences around the perimeter of the site. The SAS are being asked many questions from people in the village about the nature of the mound and what might be inside, and have asked me to post this image depicting a possibly similar site in Yorkshire as it may be of general interest to the casual enquirer.

Mortimer’s section drawing of Duggleby Howe from ‘Forty years researches in British and Saxon burial mounds of East Yorkshire’ published in 1905.

The SAS would like to make it clear that all information given is purely speculative and non of its members are responsible for any assumptions that lead to misadventure on the part of the public.


2 thoughts on “Digging for Clues!

    1. Excitement is not really the right word for it – more like antagonism. The lack of information has been very frustrating. Many folk believe there has been something important discovered there and that is why the UEA are not saying anything. Only time will tell…

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