Soddenham Barrow Finally Revealed!


As many of you know, following the discovery of a large earthen mound in the corner of the old Mulgrew field at the end of August, much controversial archaeological activity has been occurring on the site, resulting in a team from the University of East Angular (UEA) erecting high barriers around the mound and a distinct lack of communication from the experts.

Until today, facts have been scarce and much speculation has been made as to the true nature of this mystery that has been hidden in our midst all this time.

The mound, which was originally assumed to be a Saxon burial mound, or barrow was discovered by Unwin S. Schreiber, and instigated the formation of The Soddenham Archeology Society (immediately merged with the Sucrologists Club, as most of the proposed were already members  in that esteemed organisation.)  The Soddenham Archeologists and Sucrologists (SAS) contacted the University of East Angular (UEA) and Professor Richard Parsley of the Department of Archeology immediately set up a task force to investigate.

After several weeks of geophysical scans, core samples and excruciatingly slow digging, Prof. Parsley called a press conference this morning to announce the official results of their investigation. In the lounge of the Witches Teat, Prof. Parsley sat before the assembled media (The Dereham Times and our own Picayune) and representatives from the SAS, and twelve interested villagers.

Prof. Parsley read from a prepared statement:
Following the brief moment of stunned silence, a brouhaha ensued amongst members of the SAS and the local populace and Prof. Parsley took the opportunity to take his leave.

The embarrassment was obviously unbearable and the crowd quickly dispersed. As your faithful reporter (and feeling somewhat responsible for generation such high expectations on this site) I sought out Anmer Pardow for a comment. He grudgingly obliged by saying “A right cock up. That’s what it was.” And descended to the cellars.

I have since been in contact with Jesney’s who have confirmed that they will be collecting the aggregates before the end of the week. The SAS have been unavailable for comment.


3 thoughts on “Soddenham Barrow Finally Revealed!

  1. This is disappointing news. I had hoped the site might add to our knowledge about the intriguing history of Soddenham. I don’t hold you responsible for raising expectations and I am grateful for all your efforts in keeping us up to date.
    There is always something to be gained by these experiences and for me it has rekindled my interest in hoggin. I have a keen interest in all building aggregates and hoggin is one that generally many people overlook. I guess this is because since the late 90’s we have become increasingly dependent on importing the cheaper Venezualan Maracaibo shingle. In my humble opinion this is a far less dependable aggregate and I think ultimately we will start to pay a higher price as and when the repair bills start coming in… Time will tell.
    It is good to know that Jesners are a still in business. I’ve taken a look at their website. It appears to be mainly set up for trade rather than enthusiasts like me. I have emailed wishing them luck in finding their driver and asking also if it is possible to buy a small sample of hoggin for my collection.
    Despite this small setback I hope you will continue to keep us enthusiastically informed of developments at Soddenham.
    Thank you for all your hard work.
    Kind regards
    Mr Pickard

  2. I can’t say how disappointed I am that this potentially exciting find has been reduced to such a damp squib. I blame the so-called ‘experts’ for this situation developing the way it has and there’s obviously far more here than meets the eye. ‘Cover up’ springs to mind immediately, we are clearly being lead to believe that this important historical find is merely a pile of discarded aggregate. I for one don’t believe a word that these so called ‘experts’ are trying to fob the good people of Soddenham off with. There’s obviously far more going on here than meets the eye and I don’t believe a word of the official statements. My heart goes out to the good people of Soddenham for having to endure another cover up which otherwise would have put your proud little village firmly on the map where it belongs. My sincere best wishes to you all in the light of this appalling conclusion, I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last of this situation as yet.

    Best wishes to you all, I feel we haven’t heard the last of this sorry debacle as yet.

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