Memories are made of these…

Late last week I received a communiqué from a member of the ‘Soddenham diaspora’ who sent me a number of photographs of ‘the old country’ he had just inherited. Mr. Pickard, a regular visitor to our humble website, sent me an elegantly typed letter explaining his scant knowledge of the images and why they were sorted in such a way. He wrote;

“Hi Les,soddenham-pickard-6 About a week ago I was given a whole load of old boxes and tins that belonged to my uncle who for most of his life lived in Soddenham as did his father. I’ve been working my way through the contents of these boxes.  In an an old rusty biscuit tin labelled “Old Soddenham Pictures”  are a lot of images sorted into various envelopes with odd titles.”

This first set were gathered into an envelope and marked “Easy Life.” Other than that, there are no other inscriptions or dates that suggest an explanation.

soddenham-pickard-5 soddenham-pickard-4 soddenham-pickard-3

Another envelope was simply marked ‘Shame’ and following some further research by the Soddenham Historical Society and Curry Club, such shame may be revealed. More to follow…


Many thanks to Mr Pickard for granting us permission to share these images with the general public.


One thought on “Memories are made of these…

  1. I’m eager to see more of these fascinating images that Mr Pickard has inherited, especially the contents of the envelope marked ‘Shame’. He’s a very lucky chap to have been given this invaluable cache of Soddenham related historical documentation. Well done for passing on your find Mr Pickard and thanks as ever to Les for sharing these with us all.

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