Website Update!

noticeIf you are a regular visitor to this site, you will probably know that we have been working hard to add more and more content since we started in May. Thanks to the tireless work of the Soddenham Historical Society and Curry Club, along with many other volunteers, we have been able to add some new features. in the navigation bar at the top of this page you will notice that there are more choices.

soddenham-rhymesWe introduced the bookshelf last month with the unwavering help of Unwin S. Schrieber and Eric Nullbrigg, scanning and photographing the many items from their archives. Unwin tells me that they have many more publications to add, so keep popping back.

soddenham-gallery-7The gallery is where we will be posting images of our village to help build a visual reference to link with our maps section. We have lots of great images that we are currently sorting through and aim to update this weekly, so keep popping back here as well.

The bottom drawer is where we post those images that don’t quite fit in anywhere else; bits of ephemera that are still important, even if no-one can quite remember why. There is plenty of interesting stuff already there, and we are posting new items regularly, so keep popping back here as well. Again.


PICAYUNE-summer-12We have had some technical difficulties putting copies of our Parish Magazine ‘The Picayune‘ on the site, but have begun to digitise the covers of past copies and hope to get some really old ones on there soon! Hopefully, the Picayune will be published in something called a Peadyeffe, which means you’ll be able to read it on the internet I am told!

If you have any ideas for the site, please contact Les.



3 thoughts on “Website Update!

  1. The new additions to the website are most welcome Les, keep up the good work as it’s the only way us non-Soddenhamites can keep updated with what’s happening in our favourite little corner of Norfolk. I’m pleased to see some of Uncle Unwin’s back catalogue on your bookshelf, some of these volumes take me right back to xmas in my youth when I would always receive a signed copy of his latest book as a gift. I’m looking forward to seeing the latest issue of The Picayune too, the gallery of previous editions is wonderfully presented. I think you’re doing a sterling job of spreading the word about Soddenham Les, there are quite a few of us who wait for each new post to get our fix. Send my kindest regards to Uncle Unwin, tell him to put down his Toby jugs for a second and dig out some more books. All the very best Les, your work is vital and appreciated greatly.

    1. I’m glad you spotted that. We have a good collection of Picayunes since ’79 and aim to add them in due course. We do have older ones, but not complete years, and hope to feature one or two older ones in full soon!

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