Soddenham Childrens Rhymes

We are proud to announce the launch of a new publication that records a selection of children’s rhymes that were popular back in the day  (the only time when children’s rhymes could be popular) published by The Soddenham Historical Society and Curry Club and our own printer, pamphleteer and people’s champion, Eric Nullbrigg.
This beautiful little booklet (100 x 142mm) contains nine short rhymes that we believe to be directly connected to Soddenham and the surrounding locale, with appropriate woodcuts taken from the Public Domain Review.

soddenham-rhymes-3 soddenham-rhymes-4 soddenham-rhymes-5 soddenham-rhymes-6soddenham-rhymes-7 soddenham-rhymes-8
We are also proud to announce that we have completely sold out! Many thanks to all of you who have supported us in this venture, especially those who have purchased copies. Further credit goes to those amongst our growing online community who have written about the book on their blogs here and here. Thank you, dear fellows, and remember there is an open invitation for a tankard of Brew at the Teat should you venture this way…

5 thoughts on “Soddenham Childrens Rhymes

  1. This is indeed a most excellent pamphlet and I am proud to be an owner of a copy. Many thanks to Messrs. Taret and Nullbrigg for producing such a wonderfully unsettling piece of Soddenham ephemera. I’ll most definitely take you up on that offer of a tankard of brew at the Teat next time I’m in the area. All the best to you both and the people of your proud little village.

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