A Very Soddenham Christmas

You are cordially invited to join us to start the Christmas period off with a traditional Soddenham Christmas!

Carols and early Christmas songs will be led by Mrs. Elsie Smokepipe on the Bontempi organ, accompanied by the St.Polycarp choir – free song sheets will be distributed throughout – and there will be a special performance by the Soddenham Kazoo Ensemble. There will also be a lovely rendition of “Little Donkey” played by the Comb and Paper Pals; Soddenhams budding junior Kazoo troupe.

Soddenham’s very own Father Christmas played by Brian ‘Foxy’ Mulgrew in 2013!

For the children, father Christmas will be in his grotto, and remember, only good little boys and girls will be able to rummage around in his sack for a special surprise!

For the adults, Bernie, Madge (and Anmer, of course!) have produced a special Brew especially for this year and will be unveiling the latest incarnation of our traditional tipple, with complimentary samples and raffle prizes. Mmmm!

At 8pm, the procession, this year led by Ellis Clacker, which follows the usual route up Main Street to view the excellent festive displays in our shop windows, which this year includes knitted snowflakes, a tree made entirely from antidepressant capsules, and a wondrous offal nativity!

The procession will continue around Murrows Drift (calling at the Almshouses on Tombstone Walk) and on to the memorial at the end of Church Gate, where the beacon will be lit, and this year be dedicated to the memory of absent friends.

And remember, The Witches Teat will host the continuing celebrations until the wee small hours!

We hope to see you here! Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “A Very Soddenham Christmas

  1. I’m impressed Les, the humble folk of Soddenham seem to be giving it their all this year – I’d love to see the antidepressant tree and offal nativity not mention try out a few flagons of The Teat’s latest brew. Good luck with the illumination, I heard it all caused a bit of a brou-ha-ha last year. Wish I could be there with you all, kazoos ringing in my ears. I’m sure the soddenham residents will enjoy the whole evening, just don’t forget Foxy Mulgrew’s ankle restraint or he’ll ruin the whole thing by running amok with his bulging sack. Again.

    1. Thank you very much Sir! I will try to get some shots of the window displays, and I have already put aside a couple of bottles for you (one of the few benefits of a little promotion here – a special post coming soon) and I hope to raise a glass with you over Christmas!

      Don’t worry about Foxy – he is under strict orders and on a ‘no brew’ diet until Christmas Eve! Any complaints like last year and he will be the only Soddenhamite not to taste the new stuff, so we are reasonably confidant that this year will be a lot smoother!

      See you soon my good friend,


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