The Lichen Artifact

We are proud to announce the first of our limited edition Soddenham Authorised Artifact™ with this beautiful sample of original Soddenham Lichen (Xanthoria polycarpa).


Each Soddenham Authorised Artifact™ comes in a splendid presentation case that allows close scrutiny without actually handling this precious organism, as well as a small sample of Virgin Ground lichen powder.

SODDENHAM-lichen-pack-3 SODDENHAM-lichen-pack-4 SODDENHAM-lichen-pack-5 SODDENHAM-lichen-pack-6 SODDENHAM-lichen-pack-7

And that’s not all! Each Soddenham Authorised Artifact™ presentation case contains a charming and informative leaflet with interesting notes on this particular organism, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity.

SODDENHAM-lichen-pack-8 SODDENHAM-lichen-pack-9 SODDENHAM-lichen-pack-10 SODDENHAM-lichen-pack-11
The Soddenham Historical Society and Curry Club would like to thank everyone who has helped to make this project a reality, especially, Peter Furcleby, Alwyn Gaze, Jean Thruttle of the Norfolk Dysentry Society, and those lovely people at the Notional Pottery without whose funding this would not have been possible.


7 thoughts on “The Lichen Artifact

  1. Another gorgeous trinket full of wonder from Soddenham Mr Lestaret, I admire their perspicasity and eye for detail in creating this small token of byegone greatness from a village somewhere in Norfolk.

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