Call for Participants!

soddenham-poetry-festivalGet out those quills because its poetry time again! Following the success of the last poetry festival in 1983, The Soddenham Historical Society & Curry Club are proud to take over the reigns of this successful semi-regular event from the long-disbanded  Soddenham Pigeon Fanciers & Literary Society (please don’t ask Unwin about that!)

soddenham-poetryThe festival will comprise of three days of live poetry readings in various venues around the village, displays of artworks and poems by children from Soddenham Community School, a lecture and discussion on Soddenham’s literary inspiration, and an anthology of poems published after the event, which will hopefully be as popular as the last one!

Put pen to paper and let the village be your muse…


4 thoughts on “Call for Participants!

  1. A great idea, just a pity a have too little free time to do this intriguing sounding event any favours. I’m sure that Uncle Unwin will step in to write a few verses on our behalf though. All the best with your preparations Les.

  2. Dear Les,
    This is great news. I managed to visit Soddenham during the ’83 festival.
    Am I right in thinking it went under the banner of Soddenham Festival of Poetry and Words?
    For me, back in the early 80’s poetry took a back seat to drinking and fly fishing but I do remember enjoying the poetry slam. It was something I had never come across and I thoroughly enjoyed the rousing atmosphere of poetry in a competitive arena. Don’t ask me to recall who won!
    Are there any plans for a poetry slam in this years festival?
    On a recent trip to Japan I attended a haiku hurdle evening. It’s something that has yet to hit these shores. In Japan however it appears to be hot on the heels of karaoke for participation bar entertainment. I even had a go myself. Sadly I was no match for the locals – Perhaps the Sapporo had something to do with it!!!?
    Poetry slam or haiku hurdles? I am sure SHSACC will include something for everyone and all being well I may even make it over for the evening.
    Looks like you are going to be pretty busy for the next few months.
    Good luck with all your planning and preparation.
    Kind regards
    Mr Pickard

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