Nature Notes February 2015

by Jessie Blunt

There has been a strange melancholy across the fields and through the woods, a blankness under the snow, as if the landscape had not yet been fully painted; a big and empty canvas. Somewhere out there are rivers, houses, businesses and people, but you’d never guess by the silence that snow brings. The first skirmish with snow has sent all our residents, man, beast and fowl, back to earth to muster their strength for the next battle, whatever that may be.

As I skirt somberly around the fields just south of the village I am startled by a sharp burst from the undergrowth as a pheasant bolts for safety at my approach. Silence falls again, broken only by the beating of my heart and the crunch and squeak of snow on frozen ground as I go on my way.


2 thoughts on “Nature Notes February 2015

  1. Another evocative piece by Mr Blunt, he sounds like a much older and gentler version of someone like Bear Grylls. He’s clearly a man of refinement though who would never dream of rubbing a variety of different types of faeces on his naked body to keep warm whilst trekking on the snowy fens.

  2. You seem to have a rather good idea about our Jessie. I’ve asked him about rubbing faeces on his body to keep warm, and he says that it does not have the insulating properties necessary for self preservation on the fens during the winter months that Mr. Grylls suggests, and would also prevent him from getting served in most pubs in Norfolk, especially in The Teat after the ‘shit head’ incident in 1993. There is also the issue of determining whether ‘Bear’ (if that is his real name!) knows his faeces – Jessie was quite insistent that I include his response in full: “…different types of faeces? He’s talking out of his arse, that one…”

    Wise words.

    As well as being Soddenhams naturalist correspondent, Jessie is also widely regarded as the finest ‘cut’n’perm guy’ in West Norfolk, and can be booked at the Head Quarters Hair Salon from Tuesday to Thursday with a walk-in service for gentlemen on Saturday mornings.

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