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Work has now begun to refit the former Rumbelows store at the corner of Main Street and Tombstone Road into a Polish Supermarket. A temporary sign has been pasted on the corner door, and whilst the outside is still looking a bit down-at-heel, there is certainly plenty of progress being made inside, judging by the noise. Following some concerns at the last village meeting, all attempts to contact the new owner, Mr. Piotr Piszczek, have been fruitless, but our Chamber of Commerce assure us that they will be in touch with Mr. Piszczek sooner rather than later. When pressed to explain exactly what they meant by that, the Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce looked a little flushed and brought the meeting to a close.

In order to welcome our Eastern European cousins, Lestaret’s Offal Butchers have been promoting a wide range of Polish offal produce, including Podlaski Brawn, Liver Sausage and Sailor Relish! Anyone who greets Les and his team with a Polish greeting (Hello is “witam” – pronounced VEE-tahm!) as they enter the shop will get a £1 off their purchase!

soddenham-RCTThe Reverend Blencowe wishes to announce there will be a presentation by The School of Royal Cosmic Theology and Healing on Thursday 16th April in the Lavender Room at Murrows Mill beginning at 7.15pm – all are welcome. Bring an open mind…



2 thoughts on “Local News

  1. The alarming patina of this street corner can almost be felt through this photograph! I am looking forward to a taste of my Polish roots. I have very little knowledge of my family heritage–my grandfather (of whom I have no real memory) reared his children to become 100% Americans.

  2. I’m sure you’ll be most welcome here in Soddenham – many of us have no real memories of our grandfathers either, but I think that is more to do with the contaminated drinking water at the school in 1971. I only have vague memories of a great aunt too, which is strange because I’ve never had one. Families, eh?

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