An Enlightening Evening

Last night, Soddenham played host to The School of Royal Cosmic Theology and Healing, humbly arranged by our own Reverend Jeanette Blencowe. The Lavender Room at Murrows Mill was almost full and expectations were high following the (some might say excessive) promotion of the presentation by Rev. Blencowe at every opportunity, both in the pulpit and out!

I attended solely in order to report upon the proceedings and arrived in a suitably open frame of mind. After some brief notices and a short prayer, Rev. Blencowe introduced Mrs. Gladys Spearman-Cooke, who introduced herself as ‘The Almighty LORD Hierarch of Scorpio’.

What followed was an engaging but baffling and contradictory lecture upon the philosophy of the organisation, of which she is apparently the ‘Principal’, ‘Prophet’ and ‘Deity’, although I cannot recall this with any certainty. As I read my notes this morning, I was surprised to find that I didn’t understand anything that I had written! It was all in English – I had not actually forgotten how to write, but quite simply, none of my notes made any sense at all. So in lieu of an insightful report upon this extraordinary presentation, I have reproduced the introductory tract that was originally sent to Rev. Blencowe:

click to enlarge

Gladys Spearman-Cooke is all smiles with Kerri Tomlin

I will leave you to make up your own minds!

After a very enthusiastic ‘thankyou’ by Rev.  Blencowe, Mrs. Spearman-Cooke made herself available for discussions and questions, and posed for a photograph with Kerri Tomlin, aged 14 of Bunsen Lane.

Overall, it was thought to have been a successful presentation, although I cannot say this with much certainty…


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