The Establishment (Part 5)

soddenham-est-7It is advisable that new visitors to this website should read the first few parts before continuing. This building, known locally as ‘The Establishment’ has been on the periphery of the village for over 80 years. Silently operating behind a stand of trees and accessed by a circuitous route via a cinder track beyond Setchell’s Copse, no-one was seen entering or leaving, and there was no contact in the village by those who worked there.

After an initial exploration that revealed a number of strange findings, we continue to search for the resons for this place and answers to our growing list of questions…

Firstly, the map that was sent to me anonymously from Scandinavia – Finland to be precise, complete with notes that are proving difficult to translate:


This map is definitely of The Establishment, but from a much earlier post-war era and shows a number of rooms that do not correlate with what we found on our first visit. Here are marked two laboratories, the offices of four individuals; Dr. Erkkila, Dr. Percival, Dr. Wohlfarth and Professor Aalto. In the notes there are some references to their working habits and two separate references to someone or something called ‘Nightjar.’ Much of the other labelling is rather baffling, for instance, the room labelled “märkä kelat ja solujen määräykset” oddly translates as “wet coils and cells regulations” via Google (its the best we have I’m afraid – if there are any fluent Finns who are willing to help out we would be very grateful!) There is also what appears to be a separate building at an unusual angle strangely labelled “The sample and the export performance, reports.”

Most astonishing is the symbol in the centre, which we are all familiar with here, but surprised to find it amongst Finnish notes and without any description, as if it were already understood. As I have mentioned elsewhere, this symbol can be found in many places around the village and is considered to be an old Soddenham mark, but we have no definitive knowledge of its meaning.

Comparing this with a map created by our own Barry Thule based upon our own findings:
We have marked the area to the left as unidentified as none of recall going that far – we will endeavour to make our map more complete as we progress, but it is when we overlay the two maps the similaries and differences become yet more clear:
(The Scandinavian map is Blue, ours is red)
The room that we know as the ‘Long Room’ was originally labelled with the Soddenham symbol. we currently estimate the smallest rooms to be approximately 12 x 6 feet, but we seemed to think that the room was significantly longer when we first entered. If these maps are correct then were were very much mistaken, and will need to be more organised in our recordings as we continue to explore. Mr. Pickard mentioned something about metal marker pins and laser measuring devises, which sounds very ‘secret agent’ish’ – but I will have my long tape measure as well, just in case!



4 thoughts on “The Establishment (Part 5)

  1. Oh my word, the plot do thickens, doesn’t it? Admit I thought the first instalment on ‘The Establishment’ was a bit tongue in cheek, but it obviously is a serious real life mystery. Thank heavens I now have internet back so I can follow the story. I know about a Finnish guy, Hamish Managua, herewith an internet address except one has to sign up to connect with the person. Don’t tell him I sent you, we don’t like each other!

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