It’s an EEZEE world!

Since 1992 Soddenham has been the home of EEZEE WORLD™ – the epitome of mail order shopping and the source of all the things you never knew you needed! Started in 1987 by Anthony and Cameron Pilch at their parents home in Saffron Waldon, within a year or two they outgrew the garden shed and conservatory that served as their centre of operations and warehouse. They rented storage space at a farm nearby but within 12 months a fire swept through the complex after a particularly dry and hot summer.

Antony Pilch
Cameron Pilch

The young men were not deterred by this devastating destruction of all their merchandise and immediately begun their search for suitable premises whilst their insurance compensation was calculated. The good burghers of Soddenham invited them to view the new Enterprise Zone that was under development on the old Saviles Bunsen Burner site and the rest, as they say, is history!

EEZEE WORLD™ has since become one of the UK’s leading home shopping companies. Best known for their extensive home products and quality gifts, their range has grown over the years in response to the changing demands of the discerning consumer.


EEZEE WORLD™ now offers a wide range of contemporary, creative and problem solving homeware products including gifts, personal care, mobility and beauty, as well as outdoor and electrical products. It’s safe to say that very few people have ever browsed through an EEZEE WORLD™ catalogue without exclaiming “Blimey, I didn’t know I needed one of those!”


Their main sales platform is the EEZEE WORLD™ catalogue which is hand delivered and orders collected by a network of unseen and furtive distributors all over the country.


As this small selection of advertisements show, the Pilch’s have really got their finger on the pulse of today’s modern consumer!



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