The Pickard Papers #3



“A questioning mind is the most cherished resource man has and the rarest”  Sherrilyn Kenyon, Retribution

The context of this quote matters not, for it is a yardstick against which we can measure our changing values. The things we hold most dear these days are those which are tangible and fiscal.  Truth it would seem is of lesser value than that of things we can buy and sell.  This is true also of both global media and political forces that steer communities, countries and great nations.  In our society the word of science means little unless it can be valued with financial return and pose no threat in revealing a truth that the powerful would rather lie buried or hidden from view. 
We have a world of media that presents our diminishing resources as oil, gas other commodities.  Yet if we consider the quote above, little value is placed on the ability to question our cultural or social norms. Little value is placed on the diminishing levels of compassion.  Should an enquiring mind be rare resource?   Should we question the things that educate our society to place money and things before life and the common good?
It is not for me to answer the these questions on behalf of others and I know there are many questions that remain un-asked.  
soddenham-est-35Through my education I have been inspired to think and ask questions and to seek the truth.  Our history and our heritage is being changed into a something stage managed by the rich and powerful.  Misty in Roots once said “Without a knowledge of our history we cannot determine our destiny”.  As the years have passed it is a powerful statement which has taken on more meaning.  A statement that can be applied across cultures and one that might help to forge a shared future where understanding is key. 
These quotes and the thoughts they have stirred in me came to mind because I have recently extended my own natural curiosity to include exploring our local history in Soddenham.  Myself, Les and Jessie have at cost and personal risk taken it upon ourselves to unravel the truth that lies behind the Establishment.  We know that locally some people would prefer that the past be left where it is and have no desire to find out what went on right on our doorstep.  We know all to well that what we find might not bring good news or information to make everyone happy.  Our selfless quest is to answer the questions that have been silently asked for years.
Exploring of any kind isn’t something that comes naturally to me but once I understood the importance of what Less and Jessie were doing I felt compelled to offer my services as co-explorer.  I have many happy childhood memories of Soddenham.  However they can only truly have real meaning if the place of these memories has a history, one which is shared by all who live and have lived in Soddenham.  If there is a past that has been concealed or one that is dark it is still part of Soddenham.  Families past and present deserve the truth.  
soddenham-schoolAt school while still living in Soddenham I was inspired by wonderful passionate teachers.  Their teachings were before the age of the internet, media giants and cynical career politicians.  The history we were taught gave us a sense of belonging, context and understanding of the present.  I have fond memories from my history lessons where for projects we worked in pairs.  I chose to work with M– T– and together we found we always had more questions than answers.  Long summers filled with endless possibilities.  The energy and enthusiasm of our teachers made a world without limits.  It was with the encouragement of those teachers and the faith placed in me by M– T– that allowed me to set sail into a world of books and academia.  I was never told to stop asking questions or that any area was out of bounds.  I wish to honour the debt of gratitude that I have for those early years in Soddenham.  I wish to repay the teachers, school, M– T– and people of Soddenham with the truth they deserve.
Myself, Les and Jessie are on an honourable quest to shed light on our shared history.  It is therefore with great disappointment that I read the letter from Grey Nefertiti Partners who threaten to prevent us from further exploration.  I am sat tonight wondering what it is that should bring about such a heavy handed threat in order to stop us getting to the truth.  Their aggressive legal posturing has if anything spurred me to dig deeper and fuelled my desire to make public our findings.  I should be clear that I have never been involved in any legal wranglings and have never strayed onto the wrong side of the law.  At this time I question the legitimacy of their legal bluster and see myself along with my fellow explorers as being firmly on the right side of the law and indeed truth.  
Grey Nefertiti and Partners say the Establishment is the property of Darr House Developments.  It is an interesting claim and one which appears to have no foundation.  I have researched Darr House Developments and can find no records at Company House, charity records, international holdings or anything else that would suggest they even exist.  The whole letter is oddly worded.  Perhaps Zephanie Saxover employs a legal secretary who is new to the job! More likely is that the letter has simply been put together as a scare tactic.
soddenham-signWe talk about freedom of information.  Any agency that seeks to limit that information is violating our basic rights as citizens of this fine country.  If they are attempting to shut us down it begs the question as to how many other explorers in other towns have been subject to the same levels of intimidation?  I hope that by continuing in our endeavour and doing so in full view will not only send a message to those who wish to monitor our activities but will also rally support from the good people of Sodddenham and beyond.  It is time that we pull together to find the true history of Soddenham.  To inspire others to have the strength and courage of their convictions to ask questions and uncover their own hidden heritage.
How is it that our shared heritage is so often reduced to the value of antiques sold at auction or the entrance fee to some Roman ruins?  Why should it be that when three men from Soddenham seek to understand their own heritage it is questioned as unlawful.  Surely the greatest crime is to live in ignorance or to believe that our heritage can be bought or sold.  I am a man in a suit and I refuse to be bullied by other men or indeed women in suits.  If they think we are about to roll over because of one rather badly worded letter then they had better buy some more stationery.  We three are not tearing up the streets of London or inciting an inner city riot and we won’t be hiding behind bandanas.  The very fact they have written to Les makes this more than simply a quest for the truth.    In any society bully-boy tactics, suited or otherwise should never be tolerated and we will not be intimidated.  We will continue with our exploration.  If Grey Nefertiti and Partners want to go to battle then we will see them in court.  
It only takes one explorer to turn their head torch off for evil to prevail….”  Jessie Blunt

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