Soddenham’s New Arrival!


On November 6 the top of Main Street will change. What has for many years been known as Clacker’s Cafe, a purveyor of hearty and traditional food and snacks, will officially become ‘Organos Vitales.’

So what exactly is ‘Organos Vitales?’ Well, the name is Spanish to reflect the nationality of Ellis Clacker’s collaborator Miguel Sanchez Da Sousa and literally means vital organs, which hints at the main theme of the menu – the perennial Soddenham favourite – offal!

Ellis Clacker
Ellis Clacker
Miguel Sanchez Da Sousa
Miguel Sanchez Da Sousa

Gone are the chalk boards and wipe clean menus, the postcards on the back wall from customers that tell the story of the ever broadening horizons of local people over the years (this has been generously donated to the SHSACC!) and the long service and memorial plaques of those who bravely served in the kitchen.

The place has been through an astonishing transformation; entirely stripped out and refurbished with new atmospheric lighting, and a state of the art kitchen. The dining area is no longer ‘wipe clean’ – the tiled walls, lino, formica tables and plastic seats have been swept away in favour of pale wood and green upholstery, elegant, understated wallpaper and expensive carpets.

Sanchez Da Sousa has created a full and exciting menu that will suit all tastes (excepting those of the vegetarian pursuation) and has announced  brand new ‘signature dish’ that will set the tone and standard for the whole menu that will be revealed on the opening night! Meanwhile, the sample menu should set those tastebuds tingling!


The opening on 6th of November is only available by a special invitation, and Ellis tells us that the restaurant is fully booked until the 21st, but your table at Organos Vitales can be reserved from Thursday 22nd November onwards.

We wish Ellis and Miguel all the very best in their new venture.


6 thoughts on “Soddenham’s New Arrival!

  1. South Africa has a traditional delicacy called S’kop – it being short for skaapkop, translated meaning sheep’s head. One would boil the entire head (hair removed), ears, eyes, brain and all and once done be silver-plated plattered centre stage of the dinner table. Really. Father would get first choice, usually the eye and the brain, and the rest of the family will make do. If one is a black South African this would be served with pap (thick, dense porridge), or if one is a white South African (probably Afrikaans) it would be served with mash and peas. Or if s’kop isn’t available, the brain of the sheep would be tied in a piece of the stomach and served to father (once cooked of course. I’m sure Mr Da Sousa would be interested. If he is, I can’t give a recipe, being thankfully, so thankfully vegetarian. I wonder if we added this to our menus after the British have been or did they learn it from us?

    1. S’kop sounds very interesting, I will be sure to point this out to Mr. Da Souza along with the other link. I’m not sure where the passion for complete animal consumption originates, but it certainly has a long history in China, where I believe that they say that every part of the pig is edible, except for the oink! Give them enough time though…

      1. Ha ha ha ha !! If I could choose I’d have mopani worms in my pancake instead of pretty beautiful weasels but I’m sure it’s not classed as vegetarian, so I’ll add roses instead.

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