A Soddenham Christmas to you all!

soddenham-corvus-labelIt’s that time again and Soddenham is certainly getting into the holiday spirit! And on the green next Saturday Mrs. Elsie Smokepipe will be leading us all in our favourite Carols and Christmas songs on the Bontempi organ, accompanied as always by the St.Polycarp choir! This year there will be a special performance of a new christmas song by our very own ‘Miss Direction’ – paper girl Kerri Tomlin, who has been moved by recent events and composed on original song entitled “Banter with Santa over the ISIS Crisis” which she will personally perform accompanied by Mrs. Smokepipe.

The Soddenham Kazoo Ensemble will be leading this years procession which begins at 8pm, and follows the usual route up Main Street to view the excellent festive displays in our shop windows which this year includes a marvellous nativity scene by children from Soddenham School made entirely from finger and toe nails, collected throughout the year!

The procession will continue around Murrows Drift (calling at the Almshouses on Tombstone Walk) and on to the memorial at the end of Church Gate, where the beacon will be lit, and this year be dedicated to those affected by the Paris attacks with prayers led by the Soddenham Grollers. There will also be a lovely rendition of “O Come All Ye Faithful” played by the Comb and Paper Pals; Soddenhams budding junior Kazoo troupe.

Soddenham’s very own Father Christmas played by Brian ‘Foxy’ Mulgrew since 2013!

For the children, father Christmas will be in his grotto, and remember, only good little boys and girls will be able to rummage around in his sack for a special surprise! (Parents please note that the grotto will be fully supervised at all times.)

For the adults, Bernie, Madge (and Anmer, of course!) have produced a special Brew especially for this year and will be serving this brand new addition to our traditional Witches Brew, with complimentary offal snacks courtesy of Organos Vitalis restaurant and Tarets Offal Butchers. Mmmm!

And remember, The Witches Teat will host the continuing celebrations until the wee small hours!

We hope to see you here! Merry Christmas!


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