Here is the News!


Han Bannajee

“We’re the traditional corner shop – except we’re not on a corner!” laughs Hanuman (Han) Bannajee, as he serves customers old and young with his trademark smile. “We’re open early until late every day of the week, except on Wednesdays of course, when it’s half day closing.”

Han and his wife Beryl have run the newsagents in the village since 1981, adding the comprehensive video library in 1984 – one of the first in this part of Norfolk, and feel privileged to be at the heart of such a vibrant little community.


They stock all the daily newspapers and a wide range of magazines, which can be delivered to your door before 8.30am every day, except on sundays, when it is a bit later.

On the well-stocked shelves there are sweets, ice cream, tobacco and alcohol, along with a variety of hot and cold snacks and drinks, and quite a few other useful items that may take your fancy!

Beryl Bannajee

Whilst Han has made his home with us here, Beryl is Soddenham born and bred, being the youngest sister of Bernard Drudge, our erstwhile alderman. They met in far-flung Peterborough whilst both working for British Rail in 1980 and she eventually enticed him back to the village where they have kept us up to date with our daily news, and a myriad of convenience purchases ever since!

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sat: 8am until 8pm
Except on Wed: 8 until 11.30am (half day closing)
Sun : 9am until 12.30pm


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