The Village of Soddenham has never been quite so well dressed since Stumphorn’s set up their shop at No. 10 Main Street back in 1971. There aren’t many of us that haven’t been measured up and fitted out on special occasions at some point in our lives, and whenever its time to get the gladrags on, Stumphporn’s is always the place to go.

Occupying an elegant double frontage on Main Street since 2002, the establishment carries well-chosen collections of ladies and mens formal and casual wear, and provides a quality tailoring and alterations service which, in Alistair Stumphporn’s own words “to ensure any garment from Stumphorn’s fits perfectly.”

Loretta Stumphorn

Loretta, or Lori to those who know her, has been in the clothing business for many years, having worked in a number of boutiques on London’s Carnaby Street as a student during the 1960’s. It was here that she and Alistair originally met before they headed back to sleepy Soddenham to set up their own shop, originally refitting garments from the ex-stock of their Carnaby Street friends.

“Those were different times, and we were young and and just a bit reckless back then.” Laughs Lori as she rearranges an enticing range of delicately flowered bri-nylon singlets “it’s all changed now – you couldn’t even do that these days! Plus, its all about buying imported stuff now – we only used to deal with British made clothes back then.”

Alistair Stumphorn

Alistair was apprenticed as a tailor at Smite’s of St.Albans, under the guidance of the legendary Gilbert Smite before leaving for the bright lights of London in the swinging 60’s. “Good times, good times.” says Alistair in his rich baritone with just a hint of wistfulness. “It was a bit of a shock coming out of London into a sleepy Norfolk village, I can tell you!” But as their longevity shows, they have made a useful addition to the village and become prominent figures within the community.

Unlike many clothing retailers these days, Stumphporn’s welcomes browsers, and if you can’t find what you like, they are always on hand to offer help and advice. Anyone who has shopped there will have heard Lori say “If we haven’t got it, we can get it…” Quickly followed by Alistair; “…And if we can’t get it, we’ll make it!”

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sat: 9am until 4pm
Except on Wed: 9 until 11.30am (half day closing)
Sunday: Closed


2 thoughts on “Stumphorn’s

  1. It’s high time I made the journey down to Soddenham for a long overdue visit to Stumphorn’s, I’m almost ashamed to say that I’m down to my last pair of cravats! I shall be making an appointment within the week, thanks for your timely reminder Les.

  2. Your last pair? Oh how your standards have slipped – I recall not so long ago when you you would not leave the house without a full weeks complement of freshly pressed cravats laid out for a careful inspection following a breakfast of devilled larks eggs. Alistair Stumphorn will be very pleased to restock your dwindling selection…

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