The Establishment (Part 10)

soddenham-est-7It is advisable that new visitors to this website should read the preceding parts before continuing. This building, known locally as ‘The Establishment’ has been on the periphery of the village for over 80 years. Silently operating behind a stand of trees and accessed by a circuitous route via a cinder track beyond Setchell’s Copse, no-one was seen entering or leaving, and there was no contact in the village by those who worked there.

After receiving the rather threatening letter from a London QC we decided to continue as planned, but with extra caution. With this in mind, I will not be divulging any information that may compromise our investigations, especially with regard to dates, times and security details.

As we mention at the end of the last post about The Establishment, Barry Thule has been working on a 3D style map that shows the layout of the building, the rooms and the underground sections well. This is a large image – please click on it for a clearer view.


However, we have yet to agree on how to ‘join’ the two sections together, as it defies logical explanation. The closest we have got it a sort of overlap, but we are not sure whether this is any clearer.


In any case, one enters ‘the long room’ on the ground floor and continues on beyond the wall, which is to all intents and appearances perfectly normal from the other side of the building. The long room continues some way beyond the outer wall of the main brick building (we have had enormous difficulty in producing accurate measurements here – all our measurements vary considerably, between 35 and 65 meters!) and ends in a small room with a spiral staircase that descends approximately 3.3metres below ground. This section is fairly straightforward consisting of a corridor with a rectangular passage at the end, off which 3 doors extend, two to small rooms and the other to an ante-room leading to a larger room.

We have begun our examination of all the materials retrieved from within the underground section of The Establishment and hope to share our findings soon.


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