Posh Paws


“Soddenham’s pets are as well catered for as their owners are.” Says Mandy Tupper, the owner of Posh Paws pet shop which conveniently sits on Main Street at the junction of Sodden Road. “We have always made sure that the village’s animal population has what they need, from basic foods and natural bedding, to unusual habitats to specialist dietary requirements, and we have a thriving online clientele well beyond our boundaries and we have regular orders from as far away as Milton Keynes!” she says proudly.

Mandy Tupper (formerly Tupper-Sketchley)

And she has good reason to be proud; Mandy is the second generation of Tuppers to steer the business which was set up by her Father Trevor back in 1983. “Dad decided to retire last year and has been making a slow withdrawal from the store as I gradually took over the reigns. He seems pleased with what I’ve done so far, especially with the online business, and to be honest, it was the best thing that could have happened for me after the divorce. What with the general running of the business and the day-to-day store activity, I also have the animals to care for – those lizards don’t look after themselves you know!” Indeed, Mandy is always on the go and is a real fount of knowledge when it comes to general pet healthcare and well-being. She is often the first port of call before anyone calls the vet over from Thetford or Swaffham and is well-known for her way with animals of most species.

I asked her about that very subject recently and she replied “I like most animals and have no fear of spiders, snakes or big dogs, but really hate worms. We keep live supplies here as food for various reptiles, birds and mammals, and I have no issues with the maggots, cockroaches and grasshoppers, the worms always turn my stomach. If I could get away without selling them I would, but they are one of our best sellers, so there you have it!”

'Tony' the hamster
‘Tony’ the hamster

We know that she is fond of most animals but I decided to ask her which was her current favourite in the shop. “Oh, that has to be Tony the hamster. Without doubt.” And with this she began to giggle as she continued “My ex-husbad actually named him after himself just before he left. It wasn’t long after that Tony the hamster showed us his true colours. He is most definitely a she and expecting a litter any day now.” I’m not saying anything about Tony the ex-husband you understand, but you never know!”

Posh Paws carries an extensive range of foods, toys and accessories for pets of kinds and can advise on a rage of healthcare options when your non-human family members are feeling off-colour.

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sat: 8.30am until 5.30pm
Except on Wed: 3.30 until 11.30am (half day closing)
Sunday: Closed


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