Melvin’s Electrical Repairs


“If I had a pound for every time someone has come in here asking for Melvin, I’d have about fifty quid!” Laughs Brenda Melvin as she reassembles a beautiful 1960’s toaster that she has completely overhauled. “Can you believe that someone was actually throwing this away? Some new modern wiring and heating elements and it’s better than it was when it was first made! This’ll toast forever now.” she says as she polishes up the chrome and makes a space in the window for it.

Brenda Melvin

Melvin’s Electrical Repairs has been keeping the village going for the last 16 years, coaxing all matter of household appliances back to life and it has all been down to Brenda’s knack for problem solving and managing to put things back together without having many parts left over. There is very little she hasn’t worked on over the years since she moved back to the village after a short spell in the armed forces.

“People round here like to keep thing goings. I know that things aren’t made to last anymore and that the trend is to replace old technology as soon as any little fault appears, but usually there is no need. A little bit of attention and some new bits and bobs is all takes to put things back to work.”

Brenda will service and repair all makes and models of just about anything with a plug, and is very good at sourcing old and hard to find spares, and is always up for a challenge. Her shop carries a good stock of refurbished and new appliances, and she is always on hand to help and advise customers should they not be able to make up their own minds.

soddenham-melvin-TVI asked Brenda if there were any good value deals in store at the moment, to which she replied “Every deal is a good deal at Melvin’s Electrical repairs. I do like this lovely vintage Packard-Bell round-tube colour TV though. Works perfectly and looks like a microwave oven, so it would be suitable to put in the kitchen!”

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sat: 9am until 5.00pm
Except on Wed: 3.30 until 11.30am (half day closing)
Sunday: Closed


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