For those about to vape – we cater for you! Yes, the distinctive aromas of traditional Soddenham delicacies has been captured in juice form that can be safely inhaled via something called an e-cigarette.

This is a new venture by a group of forward thinking entrepreneurs in the village, eager to capitalise on this newfangled smoking craze and share the experience of the unique flavours of our village with the wider world!

Currently there is a small range on offer; lichen, tripe, turpentine and krill, but there plans to extend this to include the gents toilet at the Witches Teat, stagnant Leam water and Anmer’s vest.


They are currently only available to buy at local retailers in Soddenham, but the Co-operative is looking for stockists worldwide, or at least in East Anglia. If you want to become a registered retailer of this unique and culturally important range of e-juices, get in touch.


2 thoughts on “Advertorial

  1. Wonderful to see such a unique juice collection coming out of of Soddenham rather than California for a change! I’m particularly looking forward to tasting the tripe line – strident and bilious are certainly two flavour profile indicators that are lacking from most of today’s juices in my humble opinion! Good luck with your initial offerings, I’m looking forward to seeing more options added to this unique range.

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