The New Incumbent

Rev. Driftwood, yesterday

Our new vicar, The Reverend Otis Driftwood arrived in Soddenham last week without much fanfare it has to be said, as we had not been informed of his arrival. Indeed, It was only after several hours in The Witches Teat did Mr. Driftwood introduce himself formally. After some initial confusion, Mr. Driftwood was offered temporary lodgings at The Teat, as the vicarage is still part of the ongoing investigation surrounding the death of Rev. Blencowe, along with the theft of St. Polycarp’s roof.

Although little is known about Mr. Driftwood, his arrival has been cautiously welcomed by churchgoers anxious to re-establish some sort of normality to the community, who are understandable shaken by this recent tragedy. Regulars at The Teat have heard that he has recently been without a permanent parish and spent some time spreading the good word amongst “the sinners” at Her Majesty’s pleasure. Some sort of missionary role we expect.

Rev. Driftwood, outside The Witches Teat yesterday.

On Saturday evening he revealed that he is going to organise a replacement roof for the church but did not reveal how he intends to fund it. No Sunday services have been scheduled as yet but Rev. Driftwood is considering how best to proceed as he gets to know people from the village. We hope that he gets to meet more than the regulars at The Teat…

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