Reverend Jeanette Blencowe 1968-2019

As we reported in March, after an extraordinary theft of the roof of St. Polycarp’s Church, our vicar of 18 years, the Reverent Jeanette Blencowe was found dead in the Leam beneath Candlesmoke Bridge. The investigation into the theft of the roof and the death of Rev. Blencowe, and their possible connection, has been thorough and surprisingly inconclusive.

Jeanette Blencowe

The inquest following the death of the Reverend Blencowe stated that the autopsy reveals that she died from drowning, but it was well known she was a strong swimmer, having participated in a number of water-based event at the millpond, and was an active member of the Soddenham Grollers during her five years in the village. The investigations of the theft and Rev. Blencowe’s death have revealed no clues whatsoever. Although the two events occurred separately, but concurrently, and both involved the church and it’s vicar, it is generally assumed that the events are linked, but as no concrete evidence can be found to corroborate this, the Reverend’s death has been officially recorded as being ‘under mysterious circumstances.’

The funeral will take place next Wednesday at Murrow’s Mill starting at 1pm. After prayers, the funeral cortege will be led by a horse-drawn hearse around the village green on-route to St. Polycarp’s for the service and interment. A wake will be held at the Witches Teat and will be closed to the general public.

Rest in peace, Reverend Jeanette Blencowe 1968-2019.


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