Fundraising Update – a Christmas Miracle!

The Reverend Otis Driftwood announced that earlier this week, just as the fundraising thermometer had been updated to show that donations have reached the halfway point at just under £80,000, an pledge was made to fund the remaining half meaning that St. Polycarp’s Church will have a new roof in 2020!

The pledge, made by a local person who wished to remain anonymous, has been verified and arrangements for a funds transfer are already in progress!

Rev. Driftwood called a press conference this morning from outside The Witches Teat – the unofficial campaign HQ for the fundraiser, and read from a prepared statement.

Rev. Driftwood, yesterday

“At the beginning of November we were most pleased reach the halfway point in our fundraising for a new roof for St. Polycarp’s; a very handsome £80,113.76! This is largely thanks to the campaigning of all of our local businesses and the incredible generosity of the village – and neighbouring villages too – especially St. Gumpert’s congregation in Dereham, and Swaffham Parish Council for their tireless fundraising!

But little did we know, that even before the paint had dried on the fundraising thermometer marking this milestone, that an act of generosity seldom seen outside of a Hollywood movie, I received a telephone call at The Witches Teat that pledged to meet the remainder of the costs of the roof. In the following days, financial assurances were sought and confirmed, and I am now at liberty to make this incredible gesture known to the wider community, and state that our benefactor wishes to remain completely anonymous and that St. Poly’s will be watertight again soon.”

The official fundraising thermometer, last week

Rev. Driftwood remained for questions afterwards, but as these were all regarding the mysterious donor, he was unable to provide any answers and withdrew back into the pub to ‘steady his nerves’.

A Christmas Miracle has happened it would seem! Many thanks to everyone who donated, no mater how much or little, as well as all those who have helped with the fundraising efforts; you all helped to make this happen.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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