The Bookshelf

There have been many books written about or featuring Soddenham, its people, history, geography and wildlife, many of which are long out of print. With the help of our most famous literary son, we have been collecting a repository for all printed texts related to our community.

Some of these were previously featured in The Bottom Drawer and are referred to in various posts, but will all remain in this new place to form the basis of our very own bookshelf!
soddenham-smoking-booksoddenham-sandalman-bookThe Simple Joys of Pottery Morticing & Boring Repairing Clocks Soddenham At War Soddenham In The Old Century Soddenham Wise-Cracks The Human Situation The Severn BoreLovely Old Letterboxes Golf - Really Explained! Coarse Fishing Childrean and Their Many Uses Twas Amongst The Silken Spume What's Your Poo Telling You_ A Feast of Origami Basketry Book Of Cricketball For Boys Bottle Collecting The Pantyhose Party Book Lighting Camp Fires Make Your Own Coffin Breeding Goldfish Canoeing The Leam Good-Bye Testicles Laddie The Perfect Lawn Lichen Arranging Lost Golden Verses Taxidermy The Books I Write The Great Soddenham Mystery Wanderings and Poetry Unwin's Memoirssoddenham-almanacTimmy Ball-Bagge Training Your Staff Timmy Ball-Bagge Book CollectionIn The Country British Trawlers Cricketball Rules Epitaphs Healthy Of Mindsoddenham-rhymessoddenham-ephemera-16Soddenham Mill ABC Men's Fashions Bunsen Instruction Book Metal Magazine Interviewsoddenham-poetry02 Canal Age Book 07 Toby Jugs Book 05 Fishing The Leam Book 06 Churches Book 03 British Waterways Book 01 East Angular Magazine 04 Brass Rubbing BookKindly Submitted by E. Nullbriggsoddenham-ephemera-6soddenham-ephemera-5 soddenham-lifefamily-bondage1968 - Scottie Sparetime Book 1967 - Great Norfolkshire Show 1979 - Teashop Strolls 1977 - Modern Pipe Smoking 1976 - Castle Rising 1973 - Great Lost Walks 1973 - Glorious British Railways 1972 - Dereham Pumping Station

Many thanks to Unwin S. Schreiber and Eric Nullbrigg for their generous time and input.  

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