The Witch Trials and the beginning of Soddenham

Before Soddenham, there was an unspoken and unacknowledged awareness of people who lived ‘in the wilds’; a rough triangle that sits between Swaffham, Dereham and Thetford. According to most accounts of the time, these were wretched people who had chosen to live outside society and operated furtively within those lands that others considered unproductive, unhealthy … More The Witch Trials and the beginning of Soddenham

Back in the saddle

It has been established on numerous occasions on this website that Soddenham is bestowed with a rich and varied folklore that touches on most areas of village life, the land, its history and misfortune. The trees shown here are all part of a natural boundary that runs down Murrows Drift from School Lane and almost … More Back in the saddle


It is well noted that Soddenham is subject to its own unique micro-climate. Indeed, it is the characteristic dampness of the area that gave rise to the proliferation of the lichen industry so that our glorious coastline should be garlanded in luxurious spume. However, the weather can also be a fickle and cruel mistress for … More Weasels


All across the country, there are small pockets of people who periodically break from the routines of their daily lives; the demands of twenty-first century existence and the ‘all-seeing eye’ of wi-fi connectivity, mobile phone signals, Twitter and other modern distractions of that ilk. For some, this is a deliberate act of defiance, others may … More Grolling

Turpentine Bicentennial

This year marks an extraordinary anniversary in Soddenham. The turpentine distillery that was first set up by brothers Godfrey and Reuben Drewery in their back parlour way back in 1815 reaches its bicentennial and there will be a number of ways in this will be celebrated. Firstly, there is a new bicentennial blend that will … More Turpentine Bicentennial

More From The Past

A while ago I received a communiqué from a member of the ‘Soddenham diaspora’ who sent me a number of photographs of ‘the old country’ he had just inherited. Mr. Pickard, a regular visitor to our humble website, sent me an elegantly typed letter explaining his scant knowledge of the images and why they were … More More From The Past