For those about to vape – we cater for you! Yes, the distinctive aromas of traditional Soddenham delicacies has been captured in juice form that can be safely inhaled via something called an e-cigarette. This is a new venture by a group of forward thinking entrepreneurs in the village, eager to capitalise on this newfangled … More Advertorial

Around Soddenham

WITH ALWYN GAZE It has often been commented upon that I spend a lot of my time walking in and around the village over the years, without route nor destination, and that I must know every inch of every mile! That well may be, but as I walk amongst our lanes and through our pastures I am … More Around Soddenham

Posh Paws

“Soddenham’s pets are as well catered for as their owners are.” Says Mandy Tupper, the owner of Posh Paws pet shop which conveniently sits on Main Street at the junction of Sodden Road. “We have always made sure that the village’s animal population has what they need, from basic foods and natural bedding, to unusual … More Posh Paws