Posh Paws

“Soddenham’s pets are as well catered for as their owners are.” Says Mandy Tupper, the owner of Posh Paws pet shop which conveniently sits on Main Street at the junction of Sodden Road. “We have always made sure that the village’s animal population has what they need, from basic foods and natural bedding, to unusual … More Posh Paws


The Village of Soddenham has never been quite so well dressed since Stumphorn’s set up their shop at No. 10 Main Street back in 1971. There aren’t many of us that haven’t been measured up and fitted out on special occasions at some point in our lives, and whenever its time to get the gladrags on, … More Stumphorn’s

Mule Sighting

There has been a lot of speculation and gossip around the village this week, due to an alleged sighting of a Murrow’s Mule by Mrs. Georgia Grief near Setchell’s Copse on Thursday evening. Mrs. Grief was walking her dog ‘Mitchum’ for a late stroll down Pricking Lane at around 9.30pm as she often did, when the … More Mule Sighting

Here is the News!

“We’re the traditional corner shop – except we’re not on a corner!” laughs Hanuman (Han) Bannajee, as he serves customers old and young with his trademark smile. “We’re open early until late every day of the week, except on Wednesdays of course, when it’s half day closing.” Han and his wife Beryl have run the … More Here is the News!

From Our Letterbox

It has been drawn to our attention that our humble village website is not catering for all of the people, all of the time. In an bid to remedy this, we will be adding some new features this year in order to reach more people about more subjects. Our first addition is the Letterbox section, which … More From Our Letterbox