The Gallery

We have got so many photographs (old and new) coming in we thought it best to start a new section devoted to views and observations of Soddenham. Please note that older photographs are dated – more recent shots are left undated.  All images are by Les Taret unless marked otherwise. If you have any photographs you’d like to share, please contact Les.  We aim to update weekly.
soddenham-gallery-17soddenham-gallery-16soddenham-gallery-7soddenham-gallery-8 soddenham-gallery-15soddenham-gallery-14soddenham-gallery-13soddenham-gallery-9soddenham-gallery-10soddenham-gallery-11soddenham-gallery-12soddenham-gallery-1 soddenham-gallery-2 soddenham-gallery-3 soddenham-gallery-4 soddenham-gallery-5 soddenham-gallery-6

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